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Who are you

Modern women living a busy life. You want excellent quliaty, well fittined clothing that does not compromise your style. Whatever your day looks like you want to have the perfect effortless, timeless look that works for you.  Your not a woman who follows trends you create your own style that shows your personality.

Our Vision

NoTrend is your one-stop shop for simplistic, timeless and elegant clothing and accessories. Our goal is to offer the most efficient on-line shopping experience.  We continuesly source out the best designers from Europe who pay attention to quality and detail.  We choose perfectly crafted clothes, clean cuts, clever cuts, fresh cuts, clothes that flatter your figure. We understand our customers and always listen to their needs, and ensure we continuously provide you with modern, sophisticated clothes that take you from day to night.

Extra Mile

Its okay to need a little help with your outfit ideas, so we offer outfit proposals, Styling tips via our blog and Social Media pages. Got a fashion dilema? drop us a message at Facebook or Instagram and we will provide you with the answer.  We will help you on your journey to look fashinable, feminine and unique in your own righ

What inspires us.

Classic  and modern style icons, Femme Fatels, Trendsetters in an unobvious way we love Maryiln Monroe, Audery Hepburn, Scarlott Johanson, Jennifer Lawrence, these ladies ooze femininity, strength, courage combined with fun in their style and personality.

Elegance, individuality, sophistication, femininity combined with a bit of Sass, shop with NoTrend and heads will turn for the right reasons.

Δωρεάν αποστολή στην Ελλάδα για παραγγελίες άνω των €60.00